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What is AERO-NOX?
AERO-NOXTM is an electronic device that transforms the intake air into Nitrous Oxide (N2O) to act as fuel additive in an internal combustion system. The device dissociates Oxygen (O2) and Nitrogen (N2) in air to form Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and mixed with the fuel in the combustion chamber, greater combustion efficiency is achieved; with reduced harmful exhaust emissions, increased engine power and performance, and improved fuel economy (for gasoline, diesel and LPG/CNG type engines). 

How it is installed?

AERO-NOXTM is installed in the air intake systems of engines, in vehicles and machineries where intake air in electronically treated to produce enriched air for combustion in the cylinders.

See picture below.

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AERO-NOXTM requires no modification or alteration to internal combustion engines making it easy to install and safe to use. The Air Treatment Module is placed in the air-intake hose between the intake manifold and the air filter. Installation Instructions are included in each AERO-NOXTM package and available at www.aeronox.net.

The internal combustion engine's air intake hose design will dictate the amount of time needed for installation.  Based on experience, installation time is under 30 minutes for most vehicles.

Recommendation: After installing AERONOXTM on your vehicle, due to its better fuel combustion efficiency, you will experience increased acceleration power. But in order to maximize fuel savings, it is advised that you maintain your normal driving habit.  

What are the components?
The technology is composed of a Reactor, the main device that is be placed anywhere in the engine compartment of the vehicle. In the Reactor, electrical charges are created and sent to the second component which is called the Air-to-Nitrous Module, consisting of a plastic outer ring and an inner honeycomb-designed aluminum ring which, is installed inside the air intake duct where the air passes to the intake manifold for combustion inside of the cylinder of the vehicle’s engine. This is where N2O is formed from the nitrogen and oxygen present in the air. The N2O delivers more oxygen than atmospheric air by breaking down at elevated temperatures, allowing the engine to burn more fuel and air, resulting to better combustion, increase in engine power and increase in fuel savings. 

To have a better understanding of how the technology works, please visit our main installation area and experience the power of AERONOXTM in your vehicle!

AERONOXTM is manufactured and distributed in the Philippines by: 
903 Epifanio de los Santos Ave., Quezon City, Philippines 1104
Phone: (632) 332-6072 • (632) 703-5851 

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